+ Herbal Steamroom & Massage
Scientist Dr. Natalie Alexopoulos, who has an extensive research background in developmental biology, has created your treatment. Her passion for health also extends into a natural lifestyle studying and using the plants on her organic farm. With her knowledge of the human body and her interst in plant properties, your treatment will be an optimal experience.
Packages include: Ultimate Detoxification & Rejuvenation Package, Cactus Body Wrap, Steam Express, and Remedial Massage.
 + Organic Skin Care
Chiron Health Products are stocked in over 60 shops around Australia. We are so proud to open our first store in South Melbourne. We also offer a growing range of organic and natural skin care products too.
+ Gourmet Organic Foodstore
Organic gourmet food products that are absolute delicious are here at Chiron Health Shop. After all, we are what we eat!
Featured Products
Chiron Health Shop
Is stocking our very own award winning organic skin care range, which is also found in over 60 stores around Victoria.


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